a bit about me!

enjoying living the life, there were some periods of my life that shaped who i am now.
finished tour managers course, then i started studying history at Haifa university, I'm about to stop now, I'm just looking for knowledge, don't want to waste any more time on university, prefer to travel because for me that is the best university of life: to travel and to learn while exploring this world full of cultures and to see, know, learn and understand from the other that not me. i learn from the people and shape my knowledge more and more… in my opinion that is the best way to the enlightenment.

i just opened the gate to travel and write (travel blogger), mainly when i have money, so i do short travels.more about me will follow, in every moment of your life it's possible to change, many directions, the adventure keeps going on.
At the 11\11\2015 it will be one year for my personal blog, until now it was short travel but maybe the big announcement about traveling with non stop will comes soon.
how i will do it? im thinking about to from the balkans with work away thing did u heard about that organzation share ur opinon.

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