Belgrade, see you soon!

In my way to Zagreb, I left Belgrade at 11am, will arrive 6pm Zagreb, for me it’s going to be my third time in Zagreb, the first two was a part of my job.
7 hours by train it takes, the route is boring, just flat there is nothing interesting, it just kind of to be you and yourself, thinking a lot! Waiting for something to happen, finally something happened!! Two Chines guys were sitting beside me I though that they are father and son, but after what happened, the picture was more clear, they are just working together. so the police border at the Serbian side enter the train, for no reason I don’t why the man that I though him the father was in stress, before they got inside he starts to ask the people about the border and the stamps. he shows the police border few documents, the police border went out they didn't ask for him to follow him, but maybe as a result that he didn't took a stamp he worried and he just went also out of the train, we thought that police ask from him but no!! After 15 minutes the train starts moving and he is not here!! His collage tried to call him, a cellphone ringing! So he stayed at Serbian border without anything, and just with him few papers! No one understand what happened, finally the problem almost solved, the Serbian police border will drive him to the next station the guy that’s he stayed at the train will drop off at the next station with a lot of luggage, to wait to his college and to take the next train that’s also heading to Zagreb.
Back to our reality, the purpose of my travel to Belgrade wasn't to see tourist attractions or something similar to that. I spend in Belgrade 5 nights and if somebody interested to see the attractions can do it in 2 full days. But that’s wasn't my interest, so on I was more looking forward to try live my life as a Serbian in these days, meeting people to talk with them, to taste there food, to hang out with locals, for my opinion that’s for me the real experience!
Funniest part when while I’m walking around in the city, I was stopped by those people who go around with a map, or they just arrived the city and searching for the address or a place and asked me! Is that cool? Yes believe me, I will write later different post how to travel.
The Serbs in Belgrade are so cool it’s my opining during the people that I meet and talk to, they are very helpful, will help till you will get, a little problem that most of the things written in the Acrylic, but no worry most of them speak English.

A day before i went to had at Italian restaurant breakfast, like their style and i like the place, when i just sit-down, the first thing that they bring me it was the news paper, its a short one just few topics, i though  they just do it for me. but it wasn't, for every guest come in get a newspaper!
before i left the place i asked from him ask him a question, he follow outside and i asked;

have you been at the army?
"yes, 1999 before five days NATO bombing Serbia, im a man dont like army and weapon. i work here, i like it, my weapon today is the menu and to serve the people"

Let’s see when I will come back again to Belgrade, I don’t what the reason will be, maybe I will visit my in friends in this great city, don’t know when also. That’s for I will say no goodbye, see you soon!

was written at 15/11/14 somewhere in the train route Belgrade- Zagreb,