She's on her way to Naples, italy.

From my last experience traveling by train from Belgrade to Zagreb that was boring, a bit funny because what happened with chines one, kind of  wasting a few hours,! while if travel via bus it’s faster. I wanted to take the bus, but I couldn't because it’s Monday and my option was just to take the train.

full green parks, great public transportation makes it easier to get from spot to other, in the center I recommend to just walk & without a map! It’s a must to drink the two Croatian local beer, Ožujsko and karlovacko. I hope the Serbian girls will not get mad about what I’m going to say now, I think Croatian girls are prettier, the common thing between both of them they like to do sport, and to take care of their bodies.

I stayed this time two nights, at the “main square hostel” I call it at “the heart of the city”, because it’s really very great spot to stay!! I liked their style of the dormitory rooms, because it’s different from others and gives you little bit privacy. Amazing staff, it’s kind of new also just one month, in addition for all these positive things one more thing, you will get welcoming shots of “Rakija” in the next morning the manger invite me for 4 times it was an great day to start.

Two more things that’s I liked in Zagreb, and of course waiting for the moment when I will do it again. The first; eating burger at the “Rocket Burger Café” i think the best burger that eat in my life until now! Or maybe because I didn't eat the whole day and was hungry.
Second; I went to “Jarun” lake and it’s worth it, just skip the tourist spots and go there, for a nice walk along the lake, there is a lot of cafes. There you will not hear English.

Train Zagreb-Budapest  (Monday 17/11)
as I said its Monday, no buses so have to take the train, I bought ticket costs me 25 euro, I head to the train sit in a cabin (8 people) in each one), In the one that I was, was with me also girls in the late 20’s, one of them hop off after an hour, and here is story starts; the driver talking in Croatian, of course I don’t understand anything but was lucky that the one who stayed speaks perfect English, she told me the because of construction on the route we will hop off in the next station to take a bus to the next train station! Ok fine! Done ! but that’s it’s not we took the second train we stopped again this time at the Hungarian side, for an hour at the station, me and the girl went to try the Hungarian beer, that’s how I get to know more the girl while drinking and chatting for an amazing hour, sometimes you can get good times by traveling via train. She’s form a small city north of Zagreb, she studied economics but not working in this subject, her life style working half year while the tourist season in “Burch” at a restaurant, and the other half-year mostly at home or traveling, this time she is heading to visit her sister in Naples, Italy. Her flight tomorrow from Budapest because they have good flights offers.

We took again the train, we stopped again! Guess why? Because to get to the other train station by bus!!

To make it easy to understand:
train…bus…train…bus….train  (9 hours)

Finally it was the last train now to Budapest and we arrived there at 7 pm instead of 4 pm! 9 hours journey. Both of us were tired and starving to eat, each one put his stuff at hostel and went out to explore Budapest at night.

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