Once i had a stage fright!!

First time in my life talking in front of crowd people!! Croatia 7/2012
here just a taste of the story!

The stage fright that brings success

June 2012 I’ve received my certificate as an authorized tour guide abroad, from the Israeli tourism school of Israel. After a while, I found myself roaming Croatia and Slovenia for an internship trip with another tour guide with a group, during the tour I realized that I had a problem!! in speaking in front  of a crowd or how it is called “stage fright”!!, although I was always ready and prepared. Every time I had to speak in front of a crowd, my legs started to shake, my heart started to beat fast and was sweating a river.

When I got back to Israel, I decided to study History at the University of Haifa , and winded up being an insecure authorized tour guide. To solve this problem, I went out roaming the streets looking for a way to change my bitter reality.

I spent a lot of time at the “Dunk Pub”, and met a numerous number of people. One night there i talked with a  guy called “Lion”, a practical engineer. While talking, we started realizing how dreary and calm Haifa was, for lacking tourism tours. At that moment, we thought that it was our duty to make Haifa alive again. We started thinking of doing tours to the downtown and to show people the beauty of Haifa. However, for doing that one needs a specific certification, which of course, we didn’t possess. Suddenly I started remembering the amazing tours (pub crawls) I did in the past in amazing and popular cities. Suddenly an idea hit me!!

Why not try and do the same here in Haifa? This was the first flicker of our project: “Haifa Crawl Pub.” Despite the difficulties we encountered, despite all the ups and downs we had at the beginning, WE DID NOT GIVE UP.

Today Haifa Crawl Pub is a tour which starts off in “Mirkaz Ha Carmel”. Down around a 1000 stairs and a breathtaking view, we’ll get to Haifa downtown. While joining us, you’ll encounter, see and feel the beauty of Haifa architecture, you’ll live in the history of town, and most of all you’ll have a blast.
Even for my dear locals,they will have an unforgettable experience, also when they getting back home with hangover, they will not forget this night.

It just a little part of my life story, more will comes soon !!!
Cheers from Haifa, Israel

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