what's the next destination?

Merry Christmas & Happy New year,
its not cold, no rain, and will not be snowing also! but you can really love the vibe here in Haifa, in the mixed city, an great & interesting coexistence between the different human beings here with the different extras. tonight is going a great night.


After my travel to Belgrade, Zagreb & Budapest, while i was escaping from the university for two week i back to study, work & the busy life, that for i didn't post for a while cause I'm not traveling in the one hand and in the other hand the purpose from this blog it is posts from my traveling around the world and share with my Experience, the normal day life, tips etc. but i think in few weeks I'm going to writs about the 24 bars at the downtown of Haifa, maybe a the end will be a small book.


At this days until my next travel it means like after i finish this semester in like month and a half, i need your help, like to my Facebook page, follow me here, follow me in twitter and Instagram if you want. I'm trying to get to more people to know about Folan Experience, then i can get to more to sponsors.
My next destination i think it will be north Italy,

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