A weekend of snow. Part 1

The adventure started Thursday night at 19:30 until Saturday night 21:00, running after the Snow.
In the last minute me and friend we decide to to go to Jerusalem, was supposed to be the white Jerusalem, but we hadn't that chance, the snow was already melted, we arrived Jerusalem around 10 pm, we met my friend, then we head off to explore the nightlife of Jerusalem,
photo 1

photo 3  photo 5

we went to the "Mahene Yehuda Shuk" Mahene Yehuda Market, there is few nice and cool pubs, we were at "Tahrir" , "Shuka" and the last one were I danced on the bar "Hashkhene". Almost all night we drink the great Israeli beer "shapera".


photo 2photo 1 (1)
The Haifa drink; "Tubi 60" also in Jerusalem. 

Personally i say always I don't like Jerusalem! Maybe it's kind of wrong prejudice, because of the reason if the politics conflicts there, religions, and other stuff that make just the tense between the people, but these time I was surprised, there is a good life there also.

photo 2 (1)
The next day we just walked around the city, city center, my friend was little bit afraid to go to the old city because it's Friday! So we eat a great waffle after that hummus.
Around after noon in our way to the car just started to snow again, but we we're have to get back to Haifa.

And when i arivved Haifa  my  friend send me some pics of the snow that started when we head off to Haifa back from Jerusalem.

photo 3 (1)

See u next time Jerusalem 🙂

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