A weekend of snow. part 2

I was have to head back to Haifa from Jerusalem, because the next day Saturday i have work, guiding at the museum.

after eating Hummus we start walking back to my friend's apartment, to get our stuff and to drive to Haifa, started to snow, and start slowly slowly to catch, me and my friend we hurry up, to leave before it will we impossible and they will close the roads. i have to say the first 15 minutes leaving Jerusalem was one of the most amazing moments, yup, exited for me its first time. driving while its snowing.

while im driving i start to feel the worst thing that i have in my life, "Migraine"! i have sine im child and i get to use to it, my weapon for this phenomenon with me always it to tie something round my head,photo 5 (1) my situation bad just started, and i don't know when that will pass over, when i just arrived home i send a massage that i cant work.


next day when i waked up, i was still with the "Migraine", just a few hours and i was fine, no more "Migraine" i called a friend, hey what are you up to do? she said " me and some friends heading for a chance to catch some snow!, you wanna join, we have one free place in the car" and that what happened i just get ready, went to meet the and we start our day.

my friend car small, but doesn't matter its a bit cold day, nice to warm each other, we head first to the north Galilee, were lot of traffics as a results of the cars parking on the side, i suggest from them to continue to the Golan and there for sure will be more snow. we get to the "bental" mountain the road to go up was closed because the snow, and here we are around us snow :), we continued then to the Druze villages more to the north, and there were the big surprise of how money snow was, after we were satisfied we started heading back.
photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2)

No we didn't get to Haifa yet, we stopped to eat at Milyah, the famous pork Shwarma, the weekend get to the end, at 9 pm we arrived back Haifa.

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