Up in Wizzair

A call for the last passengers to katowice. ….you have to come immediately to the boarding gate …Joe,  magda, marzana and me we r all eating…We just heard that call, we stand up from the table..Each one with the glass of vodka and grapefruit and we just started running.


"You almost miss the flight" the leadiy at the boarding gate said.  We enter the flight with the vodka glasses, we are in a good mood, we r not siting
Beside each other, but I have a nice company beside me.

Her story: I sitdown "boker tov"(good morning in hebrew) I said. She look at me,
She: what u just wake up?
Me: no, I always says that. But now also im in a good mood, we just finished drinking vodka.
She: ok fine, what you don't have more? Me: no, I'm sorry, but we will have here later.
We keep in our conversation, it seems, she's from Germany, we started to speak in German,  i did well :). Few mins later her other friends joined the conversation…they all study in Warsaw…me and she back to chat with each other, more like defining yourself and the place you come from. After I explained  to her about the Folan Experience, I asked her :
What u fell guilty about?
"Guilty about using blastic & how  Europe behave in the mediterranean."
For both of us we felt comfortable in this flight, we changed number before the flight land, at the time we went out of the airport, I jus told to one of her friends to say goodbye, she was in the bathroom, I didn't wait for her and I just went out with my friends.

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