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טעימה מאוכריד, צפון מקדוניה! A taste of Ohrid, North Macedonia!

תמונה ראשונה שלי באוכריד my first pic in ohrid

פיקניק ראשון היה ממש שם, the first picnic was just over there

תמונה ראשונה ל שלושתנו באוכריד first pic of 3 of us in ohrid

פגשנו אותם, פעם שנייה במקדוניה, אז המשכנו לטייל ביחד יומיים, we met them by coincidence second time, so we kept traveling 2 days together

עלינו ביחד למבצר לראות את הנוף we went up on the hill to see the view from the fortress

לא התעייפנו! נהנים מהנוף :we are not tired, relaxing in front of perfect view

באתר ארכילוגי, לראות פסיפסים at archeological site, seeing some mosaics

ואז מישהו שאל אותנו אם נרצה קצת הסבר!Then a random person asked us if we want to hear a little bit of info

יום טיול ל מנזר סנט נאום, a day trip to Saint Naum

מפרץ העצמות, בשייט בדרך לסנט נאום bay of bones on the way to Saint Naum by boat

הרגע the moment

הליכה בטבע ולראות נביעות המים ! מומלץ מאוד hiking in the spring water trail in Saint Naum

קפה ותמונה עם ידידה חדשה מפולין, והצלמת רוב התמונות שלה! A coffee and a pic with new polish friend

בחור מקומי, local guy

בדרך חזרה לומדים קצת סרבית/מקדונית on the way back learning Macedonian/serbian

ארוחת ערב מקומית באחת המסעדות, ממש טובה dinner at one of the great restaurants

מסעדת "קאניו", אוכל ומיקום מעולה! Kaneo restaurant, perfect spot and food!

סמטאות אוכריד העתיקה alleys in old ohrid

עיר של כנסיות ומסגדים a city of churches and mosques

קצת נרגילה a bit of hooka

עוד יום טיול בטבע, הפעם עלינו ברגל לכפר "ויליסטובו" ומשם תצפית יפה לאגם a hike day to Velestovo village from Ohrid, nice view to lake

אחרי ש טיפסנו לכפר after we hiked up to some village

אחרי שעלינו וחזרנו! מצאנו מפה וקצת הסבר על השמורה!! After we hiked up and back we found the map and information about the national park !! 😁😂

יום אחר פגשנו אחת מגניבה, מדריכה מקומית ופשוט טיילנו יחד anther day, we met this great one, a local guide and we just traveled together ☺:)

לקחה אותנו לשוטט בטבע she took us to wander in the natur

יום אחרון בדרך לביטולה עם "פרייפאסאוהריד" חברת תיירות מקומית ועוד עליהם יהיה בהמשך last on the way to bitola with Freepassohrid local tourist agency about them will be more later

אני ושתי האחיות של פרייפאסאוהריד, פעם הבאה תמונה יותר טובה me and the two sisters of Freepassohrid, next time will make better pic

עיר הפלפלים the papers town

Zakopane, I'm happy to be here.

Day by day it's getting harder for me to write about my experience in Zakopane and the Polish Tatars mountains. But at this moment 13-6-2016 11:28 Am,  I'm sitting at nice Cafe, at the third floor enjoying each moment of the view of the mountains, well some i can't  see…it's a foggy day.

Almost one month I’m away from home, Haifa, Israel. A quick brief what i had done so far and then in other posts will write more details about it.
15-5-2016 quick and short trip Slovakia focusing at the Slovak Tatras mountains.
18-5-2016 i head off to Zakopane in south Poland to volunteer at a hostel.
3-6-2016 until 7-6-2016 quick trip to Berlin from Zakopane visiting friends.

23-6-2016 i will pick up a group from back home to guide them in Slovakia (off-road) with travel agency Jeep and Travel.

some pics….
OK now lets back to talk a bit about this lovely village. Zakopane, in south Poland have a unique mixture that i was looking for, Nightlife and Nature. Quite often when i travel i like to find spot and to have these 2 things Nightlife and Nature.
Nightlife here very mixed and interesting, many places to hangout to grab a beer and to dance, all week! Many different styles, hard to pick the most one i liked, but i will go to say “Europejska”. Keep calm and wait to my post later about nightlife in Zakopane.

Nature, I'm not used to that much to surrounded by mountains, green and high trees. Just 2 minutes walk from the hostel i volunteer i can start a nice hike in the polish Tatras mountains, so far i reached 4 peaks and I'm looking forward to more, i want to reach the highest one but doesn't look i could do it now! I'm kind started to know what i want, to be in the nature, to hike and to reach mountain peaks in the world, I'm happy that I'm here because for beginner its perfect and good start. Again, keep calm and wait to other post in the future about the Hiking in the polish Tatras mountains.


img_20160523_102453.jpgI end up to be in Zakopane, because after the first group i had until i will have the second group to guide in Slovakia, plenty of free time, a bit more than one month, i made some search how to spend my time until i found volunteering at a hostel in Zakopane, and I'm happy to end up in Zakopane, i could say i feel home.  

My local experience is great here, one of my things i like, its to watch people while I'm at a bar, at cafe or also while walking, i got to know how they dance, how they hangout, what they like to eat and so on, and it's because most of the tourist here are local tourists from the Poland, so in that way you will you will
feel the local vibe to experience it.

to be traveler, travel blogger and travel guide looks it's not easy, but i will try my best to share with you my experience in writing. Oh also forgot to tell you, to add what i mention i also write handwriting diary, and i like to travel and live the moment without writing or taking pics.

More details and information will come later in different posts here in my blog, anyway i would like to follow me on Facebook where I'm more active, also you can find me on instagram and twitter.
My hashtag for this journey #ExperienceZakopane #ExperienceTatra

A bit more than one week leaving but i will be back for sure 🙂

Cheers from STRH cafe

2015 in pics; my 7 stuff!


my first snow trip! in north of Israel


my best street food "zapiekanka" polish one.
Krakow , Poland


my hardest selfie while hiking up hill snow mountain! with regular shoe! first time i feel in risk.



my highest point, the peak of “Kitzsteinhorn” near Kapron, Austria. 3029 m


the nicest pic i took, Slovenia.


my best cake, bled cake, Slovenia. 


my best lookout! Tetras mountains, south Poland.


how was yours? comment below 🙂