twice in Poland; part 2 long weekend

i hoped off from the taxi, walked to central bus station, and i found waiting for me, two friends of mine Kate & Chen, i picked them up and we head back to the apartment that we got from our friend Magda.

the story of my two friends; i just convinced them to join to travel with us before we left Israel, and they agree, they just can weekend, but we had a great long weekend.

next day, we all went to another milk bar 🙂 and after the breakfast we start to hide from the rain by drinking beer in some bars, later we were lucky that stopped and we could went to the student festival that took place in the same night :). that is a real local experience because you get meet more locals.


all of us meet at the train station, to start our journey to Gdansk, 5.5 hours, there we have other friend 🙂 other reason why to visit the city, we had an great apartment for the five of us me, Joe, Marjana, Kate and Chen. , our friend came over, she bring me a gift a Kodak camera for my birthday that was 2 month ago 🙂 we had a wine, and we head out to check it out the city, but first to the Baltic sea.


i remember but don't remember the name, a restaurant all the menu its talking about potatoes, they put the potatoes in the oven then they put some extra on the top, you have to find this place and try it, at the old city. after the dinner we check some bars.

at the morning we head by a car that we rent to a city called Malbork, Joe he wanted to visit that city so much to visit the castle over there, its the biggest one in east Europe, for few of us was boring and for few was fun!

later night, last night was the best, was rock, until the sun rise, we meet our friends (ewa) friends, more locals, bar to bar, dance to dance until maybe 5 morning, we were have to also leave Gdansk to Katowice at 6:30 and head back to Israel.

at 11/6/2015 i flew to Poland again Why?.. -> …follow me to read part 3 soon 🙂

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