twice in Poland; part 3, is it happy ending ?

Mess a bit Complicated, that in this post i will not in deep to details for privacy stuff.

few days before i flew to Warsaw, we Skype, for some reasons we decided not to meet, I'm a bit lost, no plans, mess, what to do? i called few friends to find out what to do in that situation and if he know can host? he connected to someone, and everything fixed, i have a place to stay at the first night.

12/6 i arrived 1 am, i slept overnight, i wake up, i went to a Caffee at the morning at the old city, a cup of espresso, i sit outside & they had Wiffi. drinking & watching people, whats app start working, me and she start sms, we end up to meet for a breakfast, we went to a park close to her place, laying down on the grass, she was getting ready to her exam in few hours.

since then we keep spending the time together, living the life in Warsaw like a polish, getting into the vibe, hanging out with her and with some locals. one night were a match between Poland and Georgia, Poland win the game, and you can imagine how the city will look like.

a pic with some fans…of course polish !


a night out at the river, summer here, lives shows on!



old town.

Maybe someday, if i will write a book, you will know more details about this post.

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