meet Brian Wallin & share your experience

a few days ago i read bad news via my Facebook news-feed, i opened my albums in Facebook looking for pics to remember great times that i had with that great man, that just passed away.

It wasn't enough, he gives me now the motivation to open my travel diary that i wrote down during my time in Canada, Summer 2011, first time i was away from home for 2 months was in Canada, visiting relatives & traveling by myself some where there.

i started reading my diary, until i get to the part where i meet Brian and started remembering, i knew him for very short term but i don't know how to explain it!
these just few days:
we traveled together, we slept in the same hostels, we shared lot of experience, we hangout and drank beer, we walked around the city to explore it together, i will not forget the moment i helped him to the bus station with his heavy backpack (in my mind; how he is carrying this thing). during the 4 years we kept in touch by Facebook, once we were almost to meet again in Europe 2 years ago but it  didn't work. 4 years we were follow each other in Facebook, until i saw some pics in his wall telling update he passed away.


our adventure together mainly was in Quebec city, that good times will be always in my memory, will share this story and our great time with other people, travelers that i will meet during my travels. in addition i will write down also my travel diary, also here.

he gives me now the chance again to open the diary and back on time to my first wanderlust adventure with my backpack. he is a traveler and also wanderlust, he was a teacher of mine to open the gate to the wanderlust world.

RIP Brian Wallin
your student Fadi

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  1. What an epic year you've had. I love the Balkans and Slovenia and Slovakia are both on my bucket list after visiting Estonia. which I feel would be similar in culture and charm. Best wishes for a successful 2016.

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