La la la la, living my life & questions !


1.66 Liter of beer & 1.33 apple cider just drinked, then a cold shower, for a bit for chance to feel great in this disgusting weather 35C at night.

took while since I wrote last time, I don't why im writing now! Happy d lots of stuff like;
University year over.
Still papers to write, Don't know if I will do it.
I went to lead groups in germany.
Now im here, have nothing.
I work at the museums sometime.
Working for myself, learning about international travel agency.

I am lost ?
No, I think that's the good life.

To be like….ready to travel wherever, that's my knowledge,  and to share with others.

The cool thing? I don't know what im going do, I feel alive and Happines. Every minute possibale to happen something crazy.

Fake less than a month traveling with friend for a short road trip to slovenia & austria. Nature and mixing with nightlife, that's what I'm gonna write about next.

But I will, when I have money.

u can find me in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Did u understant what I wrote?

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