two nights in Zell am See

We started driving to austria after we arrived ljubljana the capital of slovenia of to the village Zell am see in auatria.
Via cool panoramic roads and small villages, and not on the highway because it's boring.
Like to find a lake and no need to what's the name of it!

We arrived the hotel after non to stay there 2 nights. During our staying was a cheese festival so we had off to a amazing folklore evening on the villge next called kaprun. drinks, dance & cheese and nothing else need more to spend the first night with locals.

Zell am see summer card. That thing save for us a lot of money, one of the reasons why I booked hotel, was great deal for me and also the summer card was included 😉 so that card gives in places it's free, in others will get discounts.

So at the first day we went to the peak of "kitzsteinhorn " close to kaprun was free for us to took the all 3 cable cars to get to 3029 m high, because we had the card.

A bit of snow at the peak !

after that we drove to famous panoramic road "Grossglockner " its cost 31 euro for car with the card.

after all back to last night im zell am see, went out to look at what this village can offer at night. Have to say not much, it's not a young city, local bars – dance bar are just 2 "K1" & "Insider".
You will find lots of Arab signs and Arabic restaurants its a result of all the tourists from the Gulf countries. They love this place, you will see also lot of places that they own like restaurants & supermarket.

The last day wasn't sure what to do & just plan it during driving, we end up at the early morning for a short cool hike at "Taxenbach gorge"


it's also free because the card. After the hike off to Hallstadt it's a small romantic one by the lake, recommended for couples, there you can visit the oldest salt mine in the world.

The magic card!

Around the after noon we off to slovenia to the first night at Kranjska gora very popular during the ski season.

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Keep calm & wait to next post about slovenia 😉

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