The Polish Tatra Mountains: A 2 day snow hike

First I think I have to mention that we were very, very lucky with the weather, we hiked right after a few days of snow in the mountains, and the sun accompanied on this hike for a while.
We had a long night on the road, and we didn't have the chance to sleep so well! We arrived in Zakopane from Krakow at 7:30 in the morning, then walked to the center. Nothing was yet open for breakfast, except, (Opa!!) Mcdonalds, right in front of us. It was a good place to stop for a drink and to change clothes! Later on a restaurant opposite McDonalds opened and we went it, happy for a real breakfast. We had more coffee and after did a bit of shopping for the 2 day hike ahead of us.

Early morning in Zakopane!

On the way to Zazadnia

Then it was time to reach the starting point of the trail. We had a bit of a problem communicating with the minibus and taxi drivers and explaining to them where we wanted to go exactly. I still don't get it. Anyway, one taxi driver said he knew the way and we got in.. After he dropped us off, I realized.. he made a mistake.. It wasn’t the right place! We saw a jeep of the park rangers, and finally got some useful advice to help us reach our starting point. We needed to walk more down the main street in the hope that a minibus would drive by and we would just hop off.. After 5 mins our angel came!
The minibus was full and I didn't have a seat, but, anyway, it was fun and I made a kind of show for them. The driver was trying to chat with me in a few languages to figure out why the hell we wanted to reach Zazadnia. Even other passengers were in shock that we wanted to hike in the mountains and reach Roztoka, I said we were heros and we would make it.

Still on the way

Here we go.. Starts to hike

Zazadnia bus stop! Finally! – Blue trail –
We were so happy to start our hike on the snow! We saw some amazing views and the first half an hour was easy and a good warm up to start to get used to hiking. Some of us put crampons on. It make us feel more stable and less challenged, and our first destination was the beautiful panoramic view of Rusinowa Polana, here you can see as well the Slovakian Tatras.

To Roztoka Stara – Blue, Black, Red, Green –
From this point there is few trails, you can look on the map and choose what you would like to do.
It's lovely trail with a mix of uphills and downhills. It wasn’t too hard, we walked in the forest and had a nice time enjoying nature. Keep on this forest trail until you reach the asphalt road (Red trail), this road leads to the famous Morskie Oko lake. When you reach the road take a right, and in about ten minutes you will see a waterfall. Close to it, on the left side will be the Green trail which takes you all the way down to the valley, after 15 minutes you will be in Stara Roztoka.

They working on the trail.. Soon you will pass a new wooden bridge 😊

the church on the way to Rusinowa polana

On the way to a nice view point 🥁🍾

In Rosinowa polana

More pics below on the way down to Roztoka

Finally resting after a four and half an hour hike in the refuge hostel Stara Roztoka, we showered, had dinner and drinks, most of my friends fell asleep early, just me and Joe could stay up longer, and we played some chess! One of the nice and cool things here is that they have board games!

The second day!
On the second day, the hike was longer, but it’s going to be for you easier after you get used to hiking on the snow. In total, the hike should take maximum six hours with breaks on the way. Are you ready?
Before you leave, i really recommend you follow our example. After a light breakfast, I told my friends it was time for a bit of a workout, some pushups, jumping, working on your balance and breathing. Choose whatever, and do it for 15 minutes, then dress well and start your hike.

For the first hour go back on the same trail, up on the green trail to the road, take a left, and walk down the road and again take the red one uphill! Did you see the forest? Our destination today is “Toprowa Cyrhla” most of the time stay on the red trail.
After a little more than one hour from the hostel you will reach the intersection with the Black trail, here you continue on the red trail to “Rowien Waksmundska”, then to “Psia Trawka” hiking in “Dolina Suchej Wody”. Here it's beautiful and kind of flat, and finally continue on the red trail to the main road “Toprowa Cyrhla”. There you can catch a bus and return to the center of Zakopane or walk for around an hour.

Below you can see some pics, heading back to Zakopane

Here are the details in short:
Zakopane – from here to take the minibus to the starting point
Zazadnia – the starting point
Parking niestrzeżony płatny, Droga Oswalda Balzera, 34-530 Bukowina Tatrzańska
Palenica Białczańska \ Morskie oko – parking area, it’s just the minibus destination
Rusinowa Polana – here’s the best panoramic view
Stara Roztoka the name of Hostel where we slept
Toprowa Cyrhla – the end point of the second day
Punkt sprzedaży biletów do TPN

any thanks to few of my Friends that explored together with me this short Hike:)

Update: 13-3-17 > soon Baltic countries

One way ticket.. Possible or not?

Part time jobs, acroyoga, new destinations, personal problems.. All of these still keep me away from my one way ticket but there is a chance for the spontaneous and adventure lover person..

Around a half year ago when I came back from my trip from Macedonia & Serbia I was so amazed by these wonderful countries that in my mind was only "how to get back soon??" but so far till now it didn't happen. But what happened? New experience in front of me.. I just got the message to prepare because I succeeded to have a short trip to NEW destination > Riga in LATVIA! I just booked the flight while I was checking the flights in the whole world.. I was lucky!! Return ticket from Tel-Aviv to Latvia costs me just 50 euro!

I love these short term trips because they give me the chance to keep enjoying my passion for the travelling and as well exploring new countries. Here in my country I can't guide the groups because my licence is just for guiding abroad. In my country I keep hobbies like dancing Salsa and Bachata, just started to practice acroyoga and would like to start as well to learn surfing – we have amazing beaches with high waves for it! 🙂

The last thing which I would like to share with you! I just booked another cheap flight which happens the next week for 2 wonderful weeks – flying to Riga – 60 euro return ticket! But this time I wanna explore more then just Riga!

When I'm travelling > The best combination for me while I'm travelling is to enjoy nature stuff over day.. including hiking, nature pools as well as I'm lover of night life, which is sometimes hard to find these spots – if you know some of these in Baltic countries > please share with me..

Will be so happy if you will follow me on facebook, instgram, twitter

Yours Fadi


טעימה מאוכריד, צפון מקדוניה! A taste of Ohrid, North Macedonia!

תמונה ראשונה שלי באוכריד my first pic in ohrid

פיקניק ראשון היה ממש שם, the first picnic was just over there
תמונה ראשונה ל שלושתנו באוכריד first pic of 3 of us in ohrid
פגשנו אותם, פעם שנייה במקדוניה, אז המשכנו לטייל ביחד יומיים, we met them by coincidence second time, so we kept traveling 2 days together

עלינו ביחד למבצר לראות את הנוף we went up on the hill to see the view from the fortress
לא התעייפנו! נהנים מהנוף :we are not tired, relaxing in front of perfect view
באתר ארכילוגי, לראות פסיפסים at archeological site, seeing some mosaics

ואז מישהו שאל אותנו אם נרצה קצת הסבר!Then a random person asked us if we want to hear a little bit of info

יום טיול ל מנזר סנט נאום, a day trip to Saint Naum

מפרץ העצמות, בשייט בדרך לסנט נאום bay of bones on the way to Saint Naum by boat

הרגע the moment
הליכה בטבע ולראות נביעות המים ! מומלץ מאוד hiking in the spring water trail in Saint Naum
קפה ותמונה עם ידידה חדשה מפולין, והצלמת רוב התמונות שלה! A coffee and a pic with new polish friend
בחור מקומי, local guy

בדרך חזרה לומדים קצת סרבית/מקדונית on the way back learning Macedonian/serbian
ארוחת ערב מקומית באחת המסעדות, ממש טובה dinner at one of the great restaurants
מסעדת "קאניו", אוכל ומיקום מעולה! Kaneo restaurant, perfect spot and food!

סמטאות אוכריד העתיקה alleys in old ohrid
עיר של כנסיות ומסגדים a city of churches and mosques

קצת נרגילה a bit of hooka
עוד יום טיול בטבע, הפעם עלינו ברגל לכפר "ויליסטובו" ומשם תצפית יפה לאגם a hike day to Velestovo village from Ohrid, nice view to lake

אחרי ש טיפסנו לכפר after we hiked up to some village
אחרי שעלינו וחזרנו! מצאנו מפה וקצת הסבר על השמורה!! After we hiked up and back we found the map and information about the national park !! 😁😂
יום אחר פגשנו אחת מגניבה, מדריכה מקומית ופשוט טיילנו יחד anther day, we met this great one, a local guide and we just traveled together ☺:)

לקחה אותנו לשוטט בטבע she took us to wander in the natur

יום אחרון בדרך לביטולה עם "פרייפאסאוהריד" חברת תיירות מקומית ועוד עליהם יהיה בהמשך last on the way to bitola with Freepassohrid local tourist agency about them will be more later

אני ושתי האחיות של פרייפאסאוהריד, פעם הבאה תמונה יותר טובה me and the two sisters of Freepassohrid, next time will make better pic
עיר הפלפלים the papers town

Meeting locals of Hersonissos area, Crete island! 


As every morning I'm having my daily dose of coffee which takes less than 10 minutes walk from my place – to Coffee place "Fredo" known as a Cold coffee meeeting every day nice waitress from which I'm learning basic conversation in greek language.

More about the "supermarket coffee restaurant" soon..

 Where I order my coffee…that what I see and read every morning! 

So after I had my coffee, on the bench at the beach, I have few options to do:

My daily schedule:

1) Driving to the airport to pick up the arrivals from my home country and to transfer them to the hotel. In this case.. I will meet: security stuff, bus drivers, travel guides & rep. like me etc:.. Let's call them the people of the airport.. All of them are as well here every day.

2) Driving to the hotels.. Having a breakfast.. Meeting by 95% chance almost all the workers from the hotels..

3) My free time which I'm spending with somehow making new friends 🙂 and chilling on the beaches.

4- Going to guide a day trip..

The Crete island! Especially the north coast is very touristic area! The touristic season lasts only 7 months – from April till the the October. Most of the locals works 7 days a week at these 7 months. It's crazy! In addition a lot of people from around the world comes to work hard here in this touristic season and that's why I can call them as well locals. 

This area is as I heard from many locals literally THE GHOST CITY during the winter.. The bars, restaurants, stores and many hotels are closed till there is again the touristic season and tourists from around the world (mainly from the Europe) are coming back to enjoy sunny Cyprus and traditional Halloumi cheese!

So who are these local people of Cyprus to me? All of theese hard workers of 7 months touristic season including as well from abroad.

See you next year!

Crete Island, Greece. Diary of one month. where are the Greeks/locals ? 

Hello friends 

hello Saturday 

It been long time since I post my last post, since then I been in around 10 countries working, volunteering and living. 

At this day 17/9/16 Im having finally a real free day! I woke up free hours ago, went for a breakfast to nears hotel closest to me, I didn't had any calls or what's app SMS.  That's fantastic, I just hope in the car and drove to the capital of Crete island, Heraklion, to have a coffee and this apple pie. 
I arrived to Crete island, almost a month ago at 22/8 to make it my home for a while. 

almost every day passing by this road in the pic above. 

Living, working, & traveling. All together, are a great mix. Kind of life style. In any spot in the world, sometime I add volunteering program 🙂 
What I do here! Pick up tourists from back home, transfer them to their hotels, to offer them excursion trips, to guide some day trips, and to listen to some complaints if there is and to try to solve it. 

For example taking them to day trips ! 

The location is around 30 km East of Heraklion where are all the resorts located in Herssonisos town and around.

I live in a village between the airport and the town, very rare to meet a Greek one in this area! Will explain that later. Many people who work in this area are not Greeks! They are from many other countries, but the nice thing, all of them for years are here and make it their home! 

I like my job, I don't have to quick my job to travel, sometimes things make me nervous, but it's normal. 

Keep following, in the next post going to be intersting, about locals life, lifestyle, my impression when I came to here.

I hadn't the chance to take more pics, hope soon, and in the next post. 

Cheers from the Caffè in the centre of Heraklion