7 days – itinerary road trip to Austria & Slovenia

here is my suggestion for 7 days Roadtrip a bit of Austria and Slovenia 

1 day  arriving ljubljana airport and head off to Hallstadt, visit the oldest salt mine in the world and after drive to zell am see, for 2 night in the area. book a place to stay where you get also the zell am see – kaprun card. you will save lots of money.
*note: if you are traveling not alone (familly, kids, friends, etc.), make sure during that day to sit down and open the map of both countries and to explain to others the area, highlights spots might travel to.

2 day after breakfast, start your adventure with 3 cable cars maybe its a bit boring but for kids its fun, and get to the peak of "Kitzsteinhorn" after that drive to the longest water falls in europe "Krimml Waterfalls" night in zell am see.

3 day   affter good breakfast and coffe do morning hike in Taxenbach, do some shoping for picnic and drove to Grossglockner high alpin panoramic street, there you find lots ofspots for picnic the road its around 50 km. night in kranjska gora

4 day   breath the fresh air and relax a bit in kranjska gora at the morning while drinking coffe at some caffe bar in the village, do some shoping for picnic, and start driving the Vrics mountain pass. first thing you do when you arrive bovec its to check about the rafting, and do it. night in bovec
*note: if you wanna do hike there is bunch of hike trails all levels in Vrics mountain pass.

5 day  leave bovec, stop in kobarid for breakfast drive up to church and take a look over kobarid, then keep driving to tolmin over there have a short hike "Tolmin Gorges" night in koper

6 day  drive along the beach and chose a spot to spend few hours, then head off to wildest cave Skocjan, two wonderfull lakes waiting for you, start with Bohjni to nicer to swim in then keep going to bled, and head off for a night in ljubljana

7 day  full day in ljubljana, take the free walking tour, walkaround by yourself enjoy your last day then off to the airport.

you can read more in my travel diary and to compare and make you own route, if you have also tips from your experience feel free to comment and share your experience.
my travel diary part 1 in austria –> click here
my travel diary part 2 in slovenia –> click here



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