What does it mean Folan experience?

Folan it’s not my family name. Many of my friends, followers and people might think Folan is my family name, I hope it was so, because of the meaning of this word that I personally like. But it’s not!
Where are you from? What’s your religion? What’s your family name?
On the one hand I don’t like this kind of questions, to introduce the identity that person holds. On the other hand I do use it. There is always the conflict between these two things. Some use it to judge you and to blame you on something, other might like to share and have nice experience and to find something in common or to learn about what the place and traditions that characterize you. Finally, there are actually people who don’t care. I see myself as a mix of all these three, and that what means the word Folan.

Folan, it’s an Arabic word, sometimes sounds a bit different in the huge world of dialects and also written different, Folan means; someone, somebody and it could be anonymous. Depends how you use the word. So how it’s connected to all the mentioned above? It helps me to be more close just a human without all the extras, and helps to deal with others in the same way. I hope you got it and understand my point of view. To make it more clear, I chose this way not because of shame, nothing to feel shame about, rather it is just my way, I don’t know, I feel better like that, getting close just to be human. I TRY MY BE BEST TO BE LIKE THAT.

later on, when I started a travel blog, I realized that it could fit also and be part of a name to my travel blog, due to my tendency to write and share my experience with others and also to hear their, the local living lifestyle in any spot, as a basic principle and value of the travel blog “Folan Experience“.

If you still confused and still curious about it, comment below a question, or any comment you would like to share.

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