What does it mean Folan experience?

Folan it’s not my family name. Many of my friends, followers and people might think Folan is my family name, I hope it was so, because of the meaning of this word that I personally like. But it’s not!
Where are you from? What’s your religion? What’s your family name?
On the one hand I don’t like this kind of questions, to introduce the identity that person holds. On the other hand I do use it. There is always the conflict between these two things. Some use it to judge you and to blame you on something, other might like to share and have nice experience and to find something in common or to learn about what the place and traditions that characterize you. Finally, there are actually people who don’t care. I see myself as a mix of all these three, and that what means the word Folan.

Folan, it’s an Arabic word, sometimes sounds a bit different in the huge world of dialects and also written different, Folan means; someone, somebody and it could be anonymous. Depends how you use the word. So how it’s connected to all the mentioned above? It helps me to be more close just a human without all the extras, and helps to deal with others in the same way. I hope you got it and understand my point of view. To make it more clear, I chose this way not because of shame, nothing to feel shame about, rather it is just my way, I don’t know, I feel better like that, getting close just to be human. I TRY MY BE BEST TO BE LIKE THAT.

later on, when I started a travel blog, I realized that it could fit also and be part of a name to my travel blog, due to my tendency to write and share my experience with others and also to hear their, the local living lifestyle in any spot, as a basic principle and value of the travel blog “Folan Experience“.

If you still confused and still curious about it, comment below a question, or any comment you would like to share.

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My first year as a fresh travel blogger!

Sharing my experiences, photos, fun and joy of the journeys from around the world!

Writting from my home town Haifa..

How was my first year as a fresh travel blogger?

Summer 2014, My eyes are catching many posts of random travel bloggers on Facebook from around the world.. I like these posts so much.. The idea of establishing my own travel blog just came to my mind.

..a few months passed, October 2014, and by accident my eyes catched a Facebook post such was about local travel agency which was looking for an urgent tour manager to guide Israeli people in Croatia & Slovenia. It was here, my chance.. I got a job, went to guide to these beautiful countries, got paid, came back to my home town and started to write my first post on my travel blog.

November 2014 the next step was to book a flight, travel alone and write a new post on my blog to share with readers my new experience.
The trip was to Belgrade, Zagreb & Budapest. The purpouse and my passion was to meet with locals and to speak about the relationships between Serbians and Croatians.
It was the start of traveling to 11 countries in 50 days, that includes traveling solo, with friends & for work.
May & June / 2015 Poland
July / 2015  Germany , France & Switzerland
September / 2015 Austria, Slovenia and Italy

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The things which I've learned as a solo traveler

Learning how to save money, to spend money on mainly necessary stuff..
How to find a cheap flights – which is connected to spending money with the budget.. Low cost companies and flexible time to buy a ticket is a standard way to save money on flight.
Having a fun by myself 
To walk, to sit at the bar, to dance at the nightclub, to swim, to hike, to travel, etc. all of it alone!


Discussions with people 
..at the bar, night club, during the flight, in the train, etc. all of these places are great way to make a new friends, learn new things and experiences from the others and to share thoughts and views on life..

My interest on the writing is mainly.. the local stuff such as: local food restaurants, street food, their way of living, local people stories & experience, local drinks, folklore dance, local culture, philosophy, their way of thinking and more!

All of these interests are based on:

One of my missions while I'm traveling is spreading love.

My philosophy!
Like listening to opinions of the other people, discusing the problems and simply to make life better!

My sharing!
Obviously I can't meet all of the people in this world! That's why I also established this blog, to share my thoughts, points of view on life, personal opinions and to reach as much people as is possible.

There are a lot of the topics which I would like to write about.. 🙂
The challenges which I recently faced at the last time soon in the next post! 🙂


travel, live & work in the Balkans



                           to travel
to explore these beautiful countries. 


                                   to live
to feel the daily life in the Balkans. 


                               to work
tourism stuff, sharing my experience with others.

I'm heading there in few month, please follow me in the different social media to help reach more followers.

have you been in the Balkans? would like to hear from my some experience 🙂

a bit about me!

enjoying living the life, there were some periods of my life that shaped who i am now.
finished tour managers course, then i started studying history at Haifa university, I'm about to stop now, I'm just looking for knowledge, don't want to waste any more time on university, prefer to travel because for me that is the best university of life: to travel and to learn while exploring this world full of cultures and to see, know, learn and understand from the other that not me. i learn from the people and shape my knowledge more and more… in my opinion that is the best way to the enlightenment.

i just opened the gate to travel and write (travel blogger), mainly when i have money, so i do short travels.more about me will follow, in every moment of your life it's possible to change, many directions, the adventure keeps going on.
At the 11\11\2015 it will be one year for my personal blog, until now it was short travel but maybe the big announcement about traveling with non stop will comes soon.
how i will do it? im thinking about to from the balkans with work away thing did u heard about that organzation share ur opinon.