Meeting locals of Hersonissos area, Crete island! 


As every morning I'm having my daily dose of coffee which takes less than 10 minutes walk from my place – to Coffee place "Fredo" known as a Cold coffee meeeting every day nice waitress from which I'm learning basic conversation in greek language.

More about the "supermarket coffee restaurant" soon..

 Where I order my coffee…that what I see and read every morning! 

So after I had my coffee, on the bench at the beach, I have few options to do:

My daily schedule:

1) Driving to the airport to pick up the arrivals from my home country and to transfer them to the hotel. In this case.. I will meet: security stuff, bus drivers, travel guides & rep. like me etc:.. Let's call them the people of the airport.. All of them are as well here every day.

2) Driving to the hotels.. Having a breakfast.. Meeting by 95% chance almost all the workers from the hotels..

3) My free time which I'm spending with somehow making new friends 🙂 and chilling on the beaches.

4- Going to guide a day trip..

The Crete island! Especially the north coast is very touristic area! The touristic season lasts only 7 months – from April till the the October. Most of the locals works 7 days a week at these 7 months. It's crazy! In addition a lot of people from around the world comes to work hard here in this touristic season and that's why I can call them as well locals. 

This area is as I heard from many locals literally THE GHOST CITY during the winter.. The bars, restaurants, stores and many hotels are closed till there is again the touristic season and tourists from around the world (mainly from the Europe) are coming back to enjoy sunny Cyprus and traditional Halloumi cheese!

So who are these local people of Cyprus to me? All of theese hard workers of 7 months touristic season including as well from abroad.

See you next year!

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