Crete Island, Greece. Diary of one month. where are the Greeks/locals ? 

Hello friends 

hello Saturday 

It been long time since I post my last post, since then I been in around 10 countries working, volunteering and living. 

At this day 17/9/16 Im having finally a real free day! I woke up free hours ago, went for a breakfast to nears hotel closest to me, I didn't had any calls or what's app SMS.  That's fantastic, I just hope in the car and drove to the capital of Crete island, Heraklion, to have a coffee and this apple pie. 
I arrived to Crete island, almost a month ago at 22/8 to make it my home for a while. 

almost every day passing by this road in the pic above. 

Living, working, & traveling. All together, are a great mix. Kind of life style. In any spot in the world, sometime I add volunteering program 🙂 
What I do here! Pick up tourists from back home, transfer them to their hotels, to offer them excursion trips, to guide some day trips, and to listen to some complaints if there is and to try to solve it. 

For example taking them to day trips ! 

The location is around 30 km East of Heraklion where are all the resorts located in Herssonisos town and around.

I live in a village between the airport and the town, very rare to meet a Greek one in this area! Will explain that later. Many people who work in this area are not Greeks! They are from many other countries, but the nice thing, all of them for years are here and make it their home! 

I like my job, I don't have to quick my job to travel, sometimes things make me nervous, but it's normal. 

Keep following, in the next post going to be intersting, about locals life, lifestyle, my impression when I came to here.

I hadn't the chance to take more pics, hope soon, and in the next post. 

Cheers from the Caffè in the centre of Heraklion 

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